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Symptoms of Inner-Ear Disorders
Each person experiences individual symptoms and degrees of severity. An inner-ear disorder may be present even in the absence of imbalance, hearing problems, or vertigo. People affected by some of the symptoms listed below often believe that they are experiencing some other medical condition.
Getting a diagnosis, adhering to your treatment plan, and learning as much as possible about your problem will assist you in your recovery.


  • Objects “jump” (silverware seems to “jump of the table)
  • Reading is difficult (print “moves”, vision blurs or doubles, word or letters switch”)
  • Writing may be difficult
  • Lights “glow” or “emit rays”, glare is intensified.
  • Tendency to look down, discomfort increases when you focus at a distance
  • Night blindness increases and poor depth perception
  • Moving or flickering lights may be disturbing

  • Clumsiness, frequently dropping things
  • Sensation of heavy weights on the head
  • The center of balance is off
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Balance may be normal through compensation with vision or touch
  • Rocking sensation (as if you were on a rowboat)
  • Difficulty walking straight
  • Slurred speech
  • Can fluctuate, be lost completely, or be unaffected
  • A “hangover” feeling or seasick sensation
  • Motion sickness
  • Poor memory
  • You may forget what you were talking about, grope for word
  • Confusion, disorientation, inability to comprehend directions, instructions.
  • Loss of self-reliance, or self-confidence, self-esteem
  • Distraction and/or depression
  • Headaches
  • Discomfort worsened by high altitude
  • Fatigue, everyday tasks are exhausting
  • Violent whirling sensations, nausea, vomiting

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