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Balance, Vertigo, Vestibular, and Inner–Ear Disorders

  • Vertigo will affect 76,000,000 Americans sometime during their lifetime.
  • Over 5,000,000 people yearly consult  their doctors with complaints of dizziness.  
  • Dizziness / Vertigo is the number one reported malady for individuals over 70.
  • Balance related falls account for more than one-half of the accidental deaths in the elderly
  • Balance related falls cause over 250,000 hip fractures a year in individuals over 65 years of age.
  • Some forms of inner ear disorders have symptoms which are indistinguishable to most people, making it easily and frequently confused with other medical issues. 
  • Because imbalance and vertigo can sometimes affect a person’s ability to stand and/or walk, see clearly, read, watch television, make decisions, and think clearly – the diagnosis is sometimes confused with multiple sclerosis, clinical depression, and other diseases and diagnoses.
  • Children with treatable vestibular disorders are sometimes incorrectly diagnosed as learning disabled, dyslexic, or psychologically disturbed.
  • Blows to the head and whiplash are frequent causes of balance dizziness.
  • Ear infections, such as otitis media, can lead to vestibular disorders.
The good news . . .  diagnosis and treatment have been changing dramatically in recent years  and now there is much hope for many who once thought there might be no relief.   As with any health or medical concern, always discuss your symptoms and possible treatment plan with your physician.

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